Isn’t quitting smoking difficult and hard?

Quitting smoking does have some challenges. This program looks in-depth at your fears and concerns about quitting. You will make a plan for your ‘trigger’ situations – those situations you used to want to smoke.

Many quit smoking programs promise to get you quit in an hour, today, right now. Yes, I could have created that. This program, with its expert exercises and guidebook, will ensure you actually stay quit, long term. Isn’t that what you really want?

You weren’t born needing to smoke – you do not need smoking in your life. At some point you began to believe nicotine’s big lie – that you need to smoke to cope with stress, feel confident or deal with life’s ups and downs. That simply isn’t true. It’s a lie.

This program will help you see that you can and WILL cope without smoking. In fact you will feel happier and freer.

On Day one you will read the introduction to your guidebook. Day two you will listen to your first hypnosis recording. During the following days you will do short exercises to prepare for your ‘trigger’ situations, consider weight gain, stress, habits and any other concerns you have about quitting. Day six is your second motivating ‘quit’ hypnosis audio. This audio will ensure you step forward to a smoke-free life. Enjoy better health, confidence and smell great too! Enjoy a FREE bonus recording on day eight! If you put in the work you truly will have all you need to quit! Get excited for your smoke-free future!