I’ve smoked for many years, will this work?

This stop smoking hypnosis program is designed to help all types of smokers. Take a look at the exercises and then listen to the recordings. If you are motivated, you will quit smoking easily, no matter how long or how much you smoke.


You may be asking, but what if I fail? This is a very common fear. Most smokers have tried quitting using willpower, cold turkey or ineffective methods. You need to look at why you smoke or address your fears about quitting. On 7Step you look at and find solutions to these fears and concerns. We take you step by step.. You also have the audios and content forever, so you can always go back for a top-up.

Remember that smoking is both a physical addiction to nicotine but also has habitual associations (you always habitually smoke after a meal, after leaving work etc.). There are also psychological aspects too. For example believing smoking helps you with stress, feel confident, socialize and so on. This quit smoking download program gives you the opportunity to look at your smoking habit from all angles.