Why don’t you offer a money back guarantee?

I have struggled over the pros and cons of offering a money back guarantee or offering you a free trial period.

I have poured my heart and many years of experience into this 7Step program. You are getting the expert program my paying clients in London receive but at a fraction of the cost. It’s a great deal. Plus a FREE bonus hypnosis recording on day eight.

When you buy a product knowing you can take it back, this can mean you don’t fully commit (in your heart) to that purchase. Since you know you can always ask for a refund.

Invest today, not just your hard earned money, but also your heart and commitment. Really make a decision and FULLY commit to quitting (and that’s even if it gets hard). Don’t give yourself an ‘out’ or a ‘plan B’.

Jump in! Trust me you won’t look back. Bring your excitement and commitment. Start a new chapter of clean lungs, fresh breath and feeling that freedom from nicotine! Don’t look back – behind you is only (smoking’s illusions and) increased poor health, wasted money and slavery to an addiction you don’t need in your life anymore. Let’s do this together. Download 7Step today.