Flying Fear Hypnotherapy Tips

The fear of flying (aerophobia) is really an increased stress about air travel. It is thought to affect one in ten of the population. Nevertheless some research projects suggest that the percentage is much greater. In this article I will share some flying fear hypnotherapy tips. If you are flying soon and would like some hypnotherapy for fear of flying sessions, get in touch. Sessions in person in London and online also.

Flying Fear Hypnotherapy Tips

Why do people have flying fear?

Fear of flying can be connected to the fear of aircraft or it may be an part of other mental health difficulties including panic attacks, claustrophobia or post-traumatic stress disorder. Individuals suffering from fear of flying frequently suffer greater anxiety and panic attacks at the thought of flying and quite a few steer clear of air travel due to this. Flying fear hypnotherapy deals with both the feelings of anxiety or panic and the thoughts about flying or other connected issues such as claustrophobia.

People I help using flying fear hypnotherapy commonly belong to one of two categories. To begin with, some people fear an “internal loss of control”. For these types of people, their anxiety of flying comes from a fear that they will lose self management of their emotions during flight and therefore embarrass themselves in front of other travellers. For others, the anxiety is related to outside variables such as turbulence, poor weather conditions or a problem with the aircraft.

Flying fear self diagnosis

If you can respond YES to some of these questions it is likely that you are suffering from a fear of flying.

  • Have you got significant levels of anticipatory anxiety before a flight?
  • Would you experience physical symptoms prior and during travel by air, for example hyperventilating, sweating, a churning tummy and dizziness?
  • Would you avoid flying whenever you can, and if able to only fly under duress?
  • Would you visualise disastrous scenes whilst flying that cause you considerable distress?
  • Is the anxiety impacting on your relationships or job because of an inability to go on trips or get to conferences?
  • Would you be concerned about losing control when flying and spontaneously open the airplane doorway or draw attention to yourself?

If you did answer yes to two or more of these questions, get in touch to find out about how flying fear hypnotherapy could help you before your next flight.

Here are a few flying fear hypnotherapy tips to conquer your fear of flying

Prepare and plan

The initial step to conquering your fear of flying is being well prepared. Pack some Sudoku or crossword puzzles in your travelling bag for the trip, and a good guide book to your destination. You should definitely print off your seat tickets or boarding cards, check your passport is up to date and leave for the airport with lots of time free. Nothing will bring about your fear of air terminals and flying quicker than turning up late and having to make a crazy run through the terminal.

During flying fear hypnotherapy sessions, calming visualisations take you through the process of boarding and flying in an airplane and feeling calm and confident about it. In the safety of the consulting room, we help you imagine flying as something which feels calm and not worrisome.

Know the statistics

Are you aware that an individual will more probably get killed by a stray goat than on an aircraft? In fact, there is only a 1 in 11 million probability of perishing when you fly. The commute to the flight terminal is far more hazardous! The airline business is the most carefully supervised, governed and scrutinised transport system in the world. And pilots have countless hours of flight training prior to taking over the controls of a commercial passenger plane.

Flying Fear Hypnotherapy

Become knowledgeable about aircraft

A great way to conquer your anxieties, rather than pretending they don’t exist for a few nerve-racking hours, is to discover more about flying. Understanding turbulence, for example, really should help you to be less fearful of it.

Fundamentally, the bumpiness is brought on by different bodies of air flow mixing with each other. Even when it seems like the plane is dropping, it is never actually free-falling and is still under the control of the aircraft pilots. Additionally, whilst you might feel like the plane is dropping a considerable way, in reality it is usually shifting only a few feet. The more you can read up and educate yourself on airplanes and how they work, the less scared you’ll be next time you take to the skies.

Avoid dehydration on board

Whilst you might be tempted to buy a few double vodkas or even as many of those tiny bottles of wine as you can get away with it, drinking alcohol is a terrible idea if you’re scared of flying. Although one drink might sooth the nerves, excessive alcohol can make you emotional and lead you to panic. We’ve all seen the movie clips and none of us want to be, or to sit alongside, the unruly traveller who suddenly makes everybody else feel stressed. I would suggest staying with water instead, and staying hydrated so that you will feel better both on the flight and once you disembark.

Pick your entertainment sensibly

Just as there are things you should never do at an airport, there are also things you should never do on a plane. Watching a movie about plane crashes is right up there! I would advise watching a soothing romcom, for example, as an alternative. Or, better still, bring your own entertainment on your laptop or iPod. A few relaxing easy listening tunes should accomplish the job perfectly. Keeping yourself occupied and distracted will help the journey pass faster, and will keep your nerves down at the same time. Puzzles and crosswords, as mentioned above, are a fun way to keep your brain productive and focused entirely on something that is not your anxiety.

During flying fear hypnotherapy part of the process is to help you naturally distract yourself from those anxious thoughts. Hypnotherapy can help calm you and leave you feeling less bothered about flying.

Make friends with the cabin crew

The cabin crew are there to ensure your flight is pleasant and will aim to ensure you are as comfortable as possible. Making friends with the crew is a great way to distract yourself from your flight anxiety and to stay reassured. The cabin crew can’t always tell who is nervous and who isn’t, so if you chat with them and let them know, they will be sure to put you at ease. In fact, befriending airline crew can have many hidden benefits. You never know, you might even be lucky enough to land yourself a free upgrade, or an extra meal!

Focus on the destination, not the journey

We’re always being told, “life is about the journey, not the destination”. Flying fear hypnotherapy helps you to overcome your fear of flying by supporting you to stay focusing on the latter during the flight.

Maybe you’re heading away on your first holiday in years, or perhaps you’re off to visit family and friends. Try to concentrate on the destination and how happy you are to be travelling there. Start planning your weekend in your head. What restaurants do you want to try when you get there? Are there any sights you’re longing to see? How about a cocktail to toast your arrival? Stay focused on the positives and you’ll have much less time to be nervous.

Use hypnotherapy and fly again, and again, and again

As with everything in life, they say practice makes perfect. Flying fear hypnotherapy works by getting you to re-imagine flying multiple times, all in the safety of the consulting room. The more often you fly, the more confident you will feel. Flying fear hypnotherapy is really about increasing your confidence for flying.

The more you fly, the more relaxed you get. The first flight will be the hardest, but keep going, and follow it up with short-haul journeys, so then you’ll get used to all the procedures, and familiarity will help overcome your fear of flying. The rewards of flying fear hypnotherapy are enormous. Very soon you’ll be a relaxed and confident flyer. After that the world opens up to you, and you can start planning a trip to anywhere you wish.

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