Life Coach Tips and Tricks From Top Life Coaches

Sometimes we just need a little dose of inspiration to get us in the right mindset to work on ourselves and live our best damn lives. So, we asked life coaches to give us their best life coach tips and tricks which they give to clients. We asked them about how to become your best self. Take their words of wisdom into your day and remember also that you already have it!

Life coach tips and tricks

“Start your day with quiet and stillness. Set your intentions for the day of how you want to feel, not what you have to do.” – Camilla Eames

‘”Deeper the no, deeper the yes.” It’s easy to self-doubt or second guess your choices in life when much of the media is fear-based. Did I make the right choice? Am I being stupid? Was this the wrong move? I remind myself very often that when I deeply say no to something that is not right for me…I’m deeply saying yes to something that is. Every single time I say yes to something, I’m saying no to something else. It’s important to use your Sacred No, even if that means risking letting go of some relationships or opportunities, so that you can emotionally commit to the people and opportunities that are right for you.” – Maddy Moon

“I encourage my clients to live their lives as though everything is happening for their highest good. When things aren’t going as planned or happening on our time line, we often retreat and have a hard time accepting our lack of control in the situation. If we step into the belief that everything {good or bad} is actually happening for us, not to us, then we are able to grow from every life circumstance and move through each moment with more ease, grace and peace.” – Melody Pourmoradi

“No failure, only feedback- Get the word “failure” out of your vocabulary. Take your setbacks as a chance for feedback, whether it’s receiving constructive criticism from others or your own personal critiques. That way “failure” becomes a way of tweaking and perfecting your talents and goals.” – Jonathan Bennett

“All of life is a process, not an event. So why do we get so white-knuckled about people, places, moments and identities in our life? Instead of simply embracing a moment, we attach to it so deeply that we completely miss out on it! Attachment has gotten the best of me (and my clients) many times, and it’s a life-long lesson. Attachment comes from expectation, fear and the need for permanence. Connection comes from presence, love and fluidity. It allows change and evolution to occur. When you create connection, you realize you are never truly alone in life (single or not!)…all of life provides for you the epic opportunity to become one and to create love.” – Maddy Moon

“Practice patience, especially with yourself. Reaching your goals takes time, diligence, determination, and forgiveness. Yes, some chocolate every now and then is okay.” – Alyssa Petersel

“Invest your attention in getting crystal clear about your goals – and how you want to feel – then make decisions that are in alignment with that. This makes it much easier to quickly know what opportunities and requests to respond with an enthusiastic ‘yes’ and which to give a confident ‘no.’ Putting this into practice will eliminate the clutter on your calendar that eats up your time and stresses you out.” – Lanette Pottle

“Be the action hero of your life. Hunt down your inner hero and reclaim that power. Do something everyday that reiterates to you that you are the action hero of your life, that you are the doer, the living outside your comfort zoner, that you are the warrior and the making things happen.” – Shefali Raina

living your best life advice from coaches

“I support my clients to transform feelings of jealousy into feelings of inspiration. Often, feelings of jealousy block us from feeling at peace and evolving in our own lives. I encourage my clients to turn their feelings of envy into feelings of inspiration. When we feel jealous of someone, we literally block ourselves from the flow of abundance and positive energy. When we dwell however in a space of feeling inspired by another woman, we step into a flow state of living and can take the right actions that can help us move forward with success. I truly believe that as women we are all holding up mirrors to each others light. If we can recognize the light in another person, we are also in essence recognizing our own light within her too.” – Melody Pourmoradi

“As a therapist and coach I often find the biggest obstacle people have is that their limiting beliefs are viewed as truths and not what they are, just thoughts. We all have thoughts about situations, ourselves and others and those thoughts are formulated through the lens of our own beliefs. These beliefs may or many not be valid and are a product of what messages we were given our entire lives. Suffering comes not just from situations in our lives, but our own interpretations, beliefs and thoughts of the situation. We fill in blanks when information is missing and we have this false idea that if we think it that it must be true and valid. We have the ability to reframe our thoughts, we can explore evidence that supports or doesn’t support our thinking and we can formulate a more realistic and helpful one.” – Cara Maksimow

“Create wholeness within yourself. So many of us are looking for things, places, experiences and people to give happiness and joy to us, rather than seeking to create wholeness for ourselves. If you’re looking to be successful in any area of your life, you must understand that everything begins with recognizing that the key to sustainable joy is what you are willing to offer yourself.” – Klay S. William

“When you can’t think of anything else to do breathe until you can. In particular I advise clients to engage in a practice called the ‘one breath,’ which is exactly how it sounds. You take one breath. But specifically to practice it you link it to an already established behavior (anchor behavior) that you do fairly often throughout the day. Things like when your phone dings with a message or when you stop at a stoplight. Those are signals to take the one breath and the more you take one focused breath the more mindful you are and the more space you create in your life. It’s especially popular with my clients who aren’t into meditation. They report similar benefits to sustained meditative practice without having to actually sit for that amount of time.” – Amanda Stemen

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