Phobia of Dog Hypnotherapy – Cynophobia

Cynophobia, a phobia of dogs, is a specific phobia that is treatable using hypnotherapy. To do this I use a solution-focused and personally customised treatment method. Often we will look at the root cause of your fear of dogs. This may have been a scary experience involving a dog or even simply hearing about dangerous dogs in conversation or seeing them on television. As well as face to face sessions in London, a phobia of dogs hypnotherapy treatment can often carried out using online sessions.

Phobia of Dog Hypnotherapy

Phobia of dog hypnotherapy and NLP treatment

To successfully address a fear if dogs, the use of hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) allows me to assist you to conquer your fear of dogs in the most comfortable way achievable. The usage of hypnosis for treating a dog phobia is a huge benefit, since when in this natural and peaceful state, we gain accessibility to the subconscious mind. This means we can become more aware of the thoughts and feelings that create your phobia of dog or other animals.

Hypnotherapy, along with advanced phobia treatment approaches, help ensure we overcome your fear directly, at its root. The results can be powerful and certainly worth the commitment. Moreover, the changes you will be able to make are completely your own and that’s empowering too. Achieving control naturally and from inside means you aren’t dependent on endless therapy or drugs to remain calm, and that’s an enormous benefit of using hypnotherapy for phobia of dogs treatment.

Phobia of dog hypnotherapy session overview

Though spider and snake phobias are considered the more common animal phobias, dog phobia rates highly on the animal phobia list. Moreover, a phobia of dogs can be considered more incapacitating due to the substantial number of pet dogs that live in most neighbourhoods. If you suffer from a fear of dogs, you are not alone. It is believed approximately 1 in 20 individuals have a phobia of dogs which makes it one of the most common animal phobias worldwide and more common that one might think.

Hypnotherapy treats the physical, cognitive and behavioural symptoms associated with a phobia of dogs

Common physical symptoms include:

Trouble breathing, accelerated heartbeat, hot flushes, dizziness, sweating and nausea are among the physical panic-related symptoms. As is fleeing or freezing immediately out of fear.

Cognitive Symptoms

Even though dogs are extremely common, unfortunately many pet owners are unaware of the incapacitating effects of cynophobia, a phobia of dogs. Suffering a prolonged intense fear of dogs is made more challenging by the frequency of dogs in everyday life. The thought processes and feelings connected with having a phobia of dogs can be draining, to say the least.

Common cognitive symptoms include:

Fear of losing control at the sight of a dog

Experiencing dread or hyper vigilance if in a place more likely to have in it dogs, such as a park

Feelings of helplessness or embarrassment due to general public misconception or dismissive attitudes towards the fear

Behavioural symptoms

A person with a dog phobia may go to great lengths to restrict activities and avoid circumstances that may bring them into contact with dogs. This may bring some short term comfort. However psychologically excessive avoidance routines, may only strengthen the phobia itself.

Below are a few common behavioural symptoms associated with a fear of dogs:

Staying away from places where there could be dogs. Especially if dogs are allowed off the leash in parks or woodland walking areas

Crossing the road if a dog walker is nearing

Declining invitations to family or friend’s homes if they own a dog

Phobia of dog hypnotherapy treatment in London and online

Having a dog phobia can really get in the way of daily life. If you find your fear of dogs stops you from getting involved in activities like going to the park or hiking, or you do so but with great distress, there is good news. The fear of dogs is treatable.

My dog phobia treatment offers a safe and relaxed way to overcome your phobia of dogs, cynophobia. Since I offer online sessions too, this could be from the convenience of your home.

Phobia of Dog Hypnotherapy London

Phobia of dog hypnotherapy therapy expectations

An advantage of providing specialist treatment is that the service is completely focused on helping people overcome their anxieties. This means you can be sure the session content and approaches are highly targeted to help you remove your anxiety quickly. Phobia for dogs hypnotherapy and Neuro-linguistic programming have helped thousands of people conquer their fear in the most comfortable manner feasible.

In some circumstances a phobia of dogs treatment might be completed in a single session, lasting up to two hours. The treatment aims to:

  1. Alleviate the panic response when thinking about or seeing a dog
  2. Keep mental control when in the vicinity of a dog
  3. Overcome your fear naturally without the use of medication

Who is phobia of dog hypnotherapy treatment for?

Being delivered face to face in London or online, the treatment is constructed to help someone who:

  • avoids situations or activities due to their phobia of dogs
  • worries excessively about coming into contact with a dogs
  • frequently panics if a dog is spotted
  • has tried to overcome their fear (including through therapy) but still suffers with their anxiety
  • wants to beat a phobia fear of dogs without the use of drugs or any uncomfortable exposure therapy with dogs

If you would like help you reduce a phobia of dogs, don’t wait. Why not get in touch today?