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you would love to discover self-management tools for IBS symptoms such as pain, cramps, constipation or diarrhoea.

Sirona Gut directed IBS hypnosis is a six week programme. It aims to help both body and mind return to a more natural rhythm and relationship. Gain new ways to feel more in control of your health, empowering you to feel better, with more energy and confidence. Our expert programme is at a lower price than other IBS Gut hypnotherapy programmes, including Nerva. For a single one-off low fee you gain lifetime, unlimited access to Sirona, not just for three months.

On Sirona you will gain from expert hypnotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) based exercises and stress reducing Mindfulness tools to re-training of your mind and body to regain balance and calm.

Sirona is an easy to use symptom management system. This is not a diet and you can eat what you like and continue to take any medications you may wish. Sirona is about a re-training of your mind and body to regain balance and calm. Unlike other IBS Gut Directed Hypnotherapy apps and programmes, Sirona includes CBT based stress reducing exercises, our ten day Mindfulness course and practical coaching approaches. These will equip you to deal better with emotions and be less reactive to symptom flare-ups or stress. A calmer mind and digestive system will help to manage better symptoms such as cramps, bloating, diarrhoea and constipation.

Sirona is different from other IBS hypnosis apps or programmes

Sirona contains so much more than most other IBS hypnosis apps or programmes. Each week you will actively address how stress, anxiety and your lifestyle or quality of life is affected by IBS. Through additional expert content, audios, and exercises, you will gain tools to feel better. Included is our 10 days of Mindfulness programme to help you feel calmer and less emotionally reactive.
The hypnosis you will enjoy on Sirona uses research-based Gut Directed Hypnotherapy visualisations and suggestions, alongside innovative hypnosis approaches, resulting from my professional experience helping people with IBS symptoms every week at my London clinic.

This hypnosis download contains lifetime, unlimited access to:

  • Relaxing music
  • Gut Directed Hypnotherapy suggestions to calm mind, body and digestion
  • Mindfulness skills to help you relax and lower your stress levels
  • CBT based exercises to deal better with stress, anxiety or IBS related thoughts and worries
  • Manage emotions and stress better with expert coaching skills
  • Upgrade your wellbeing in all areas of life. Increase motivation and ditch what’s not promoting your wellness

On Sirona you commit to listening to a daily hypnosis recording which lasts about 20 to 25 minutes.

Start Sirona today and begin your journey to better health and a calmer gut and mind.

How does hypnosis help IBS symptoms?

The daily hypnosis audios aim to improve the communication of the ‘gut brain axis’. IBS can come about because the mind (brain) has become hypersensitive or reactive to small changes in the digestive system (gut). These might be from bacteria, food you eat or even stress. In turn the digestive system can also become reactive to stress or anxiety, exacerbating symptoms such as pain, bloating, diarrhoea or constipation. So the brain and gut react to eachother (the brain-gut axis).Calming gut and brain, helps reduce IBS symptoms.

Clinical studies have shown ‘Gut directed hypnotherapy’ to improve IBS symptoms for over 50% of people after a six week course. One Australian study showed Hypnotherapy to improve IBS symptoms after a number of years also.

Download Sirona now and gain lifetime, unlimited access for a low one-off charge.

It is important to remember that results are not instant. Change takes place over a number of weeks. So when you start Sirona, if is important to commit to listening daily and also engaging with the exercises and short enjoyable assignments.

Unlike other IBS hypnosis apps or programmes, Sirona includes easy to use and powerful help for thoughts, feelings and actions. You will look at how your thoughts about symptoms might be holding you back from living life to the full. For example, do you ever hesitate from doing activities, out of a worry about the availability of a loo? Do you ever feel down or fed up about bloating or pain? Do you ever think twice about doing enjoyable activities out of a fear if having a flare up?

Sirona includes Mindfulness and easy to use CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) based exercises to look at how to live a more full life despite pain or symptoms. Discover how to be less emotionally reactive to symptoms.


Programme Content:

Daily Gut directed hypnosis. Seven days a week for six weeks.

Unlike other IBS apps and programmes, Sirona includes super helpful and information packed weekly themes. These aim to help you cope better with symptoms, improve emotional and physical health and feel more positive and confident about daily life. Give yourself the gift of improved wellbeing. Gut directed hypnosis starts from day one, and our weekly themes start at week two, with Ten Days of Mindfulness extending over two weeks. Themes include audios and helpful handouts and exercises. As you have unlimited lifetime access, you can also relisten in a few months or even a few years time.

The Themes:

Ten days of Mindfulness.
During this theme you will gain calm from learning Mindfulness meditation, what it is and how to do it. These are life-long skills to use in the future to relax both mind and body. We hope you will see how a few minutes of daily meditation can be super beneficial and easy to implement. This theme has a total of 92 minutes of audio spread over ten days.

Using tools and wisdom from Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and life coaching, you will view the self in a holistic way, upgrading habits of mind, body and spirit. When your wellbeing batteries are fuller it is easier to manage IBS symptoms and life’s ups and downs. This theme has a total of 25 minutes of audio with short interactive assignments to implement positive change.

Stress and digestion.
Though not always the cause of IBS, stress, for many, exacerbates symptoms. During this theme you will look at your daily and life stresses and discover wisdom from life coaching, NLP and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). Gain new ways to bring calm and inner peace. This theme has a total of 27 minutes of audio.

Thoughts and Feelings.
How we feel affects our mood and our ability to cope or manage symptoms. Using easy to learn expertise from CBT and coaching, this theme will help you gain control of anxious or stressful thought patterns. This theme has a total of 37 minutes of audio with some helpful worksheets.

Don’t wait to have better health.

You’ll agree that this programme represents excellent value. Expert hypnosis and wisdom from NLP, coaching and CBT. A total of over 17 hours of audio! Yours today to enjoy. Lifetime access. Why not begin your Sirona IBS Gut directed hypnotherapy programme now. Don’t wait to have better health, download Sirona today.

What is hypnosis and hypnotherapy?

The hypnosis used on the Sirona programme includes some of the most advanced and up to date techniques. Hypnotherapy is a highly effective therapy which aims to help you change habits and outlook in a relatively short period of time.
Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis for emotional and behavioural change work. Hypnosis is really nothing more than the guiding of someone into a relaxed state. During hypnosis, your eyes are closed and you are relaxed. However, you are able to hear everything that is going on. You do not lose control and can open your eyes if there is a need to do so. It is a myth that you can be tricked into doing something you would object to. Clinical hypnotherapy uses hypnosis to guide you through some helpful and powerful visualisations.

Ensure you find somewhere you can relax and will not be disturbed. Never listen whilst driving or doing anything which requires attention. Turn your phone off. During the recordings you will be asked to close your eyes. You will then be guided into a deeper feeling of relaxation, similar to daydreaming or focused concentration. The recordings use specific visualisations and speak to you in a way which communicates directly with your imagination and subconscious mind, bringing change at a deeper level.

Who is Sirona for?

Sirona is a programme to help reduce the intensity of IBS symptoms such as pain, cramps, constipation or diarrhoea. You might have a diagnosis of IBS already or would simply like to reduce symptoms you are living with. If you are experiencing symptoms, it is strongly recommended you seek professional medical advice to rule out any serious medical conditions that have similar symptoms to IBS.
Sirona is suitable for anyone aged 16 upwards. Hypnosis is not suitable for someone with complex mental health needs, in particular if you suffer from any condition in which you may have hallucinations or hear voices, or suffer with schizophrenia or a condition such as Alzheimer’s disease. Always check with your doctor if you have any concerns.

It is recommended that you are alert and awake to listen to the Sirona recordings. This may mean listening in the morning rather than in the evening, for example. Do not listen if under the influence of recreational drugs or alcohol.

What’s involved?

The core programme is a commitment to listening to a hypnosis recording daily for six weeks. Each day is a different recording and though some recordings will be repeated, in later weeks more advanced audios are included. You are asked to commit to listening daily. Recordings are about 25 minutes long.
As well as daily hypnosis recordings, most weeks have a theme and optional exercises, which look at stress reduction, thoughts and feelings and also Mindfulness. The weekly themes are an extra and give you the option to go deeper into life challenges you may have or how you cope with symptoms.

Does it work?

Results are not guaranteed and each person will respond differently. Changing the relationship of mind and digestion is a process that takes place over weeks, so patience and commitment is required.
Gut directed hypnotherapy was first formally researched by Dr. Peter Whorwell, a pioneering gastroenterologist at the University of Manchester. He introduced the first scripted hypnotherapy protocol for IBS patients in 1984. In a study, Whorwell found that 71% of patients responded to therapy. Of these, 81% maintained their improvement over time.

There are presently over 35 studies in the published empirical literature, including 17 randomised controlled trials that have assessed clinical outcomes of such treatment. All IBS hypnotherapy studies have reported significant improvement in gastrointestinal symptoms.
A recent Australian study conducted by Monash University found that seventy per cent of participants responded positively to hypnotherapy. There was a significant improvement in their overall and individual gut symptoms (abdominal pain, bloating, wind, satisfaction with stool consistency, nausea etc) by the end of the six-week study. This improvement was also maintained six-months post-treatment. The study also found that hypnotherapy was effective psychologically, too, lowering anxiety and depression.

Sirona uses Gut Directed Hypnotherapy just like that investigated in studies. Sirona, with its additional weekly themes looking at Mindfulness, symptom and stress management offers far more besides the core hypnosis sessions researched in most studies.

Are there side effects?

Usually the main side effect of hypnotherapy is that you are left feeling calmer and more relaxed! Hypnosis is safe. Hypnotherapy is simply about guiding you into a relaxing trance-like state. In fact, when you think about it you are often in a similar trance state on a daily basis. Just think of times you have been sleepy but not quite asleep yet, engrossed in focused concentration, been preoccupied daydreaming or found your mind wandering during a conversation or class. These are all examples of being in a type of trance, very similar to a hypnotherapy (hypnosis) trace state.
The difference is that you were not guided into the trance by a therapist. Hypnotherapy is safe and suitable for both adults and children.

Can I take part whilst taking medication or be on a FODMAP diet?

Yes. Sirona is about calming the relationship of gut and mind. It is totally fine to eat whatever you choose and take medication whilst using Sirona. Sirona is a relaxing and medication free way to manage symptoms better.

How does hypnosis help IBS?

Sirona is about a re-training of your mind and body to regain balance and calm. The hypnosis, stress reducing exercises and Mindfulness on Sirona aim to help both body and mind return to a more natural rhythm and relationship. Your mind and gut are understood to be in communication and this happens without your direct, conscious intervention. It is a subconscious or unconscious communication. Hypnosis and hypnotherapy is simply a way of relaxing you and speaking more directly to your subconscious mind.

Your mind can be viewed to have two parts, your conscious mind (around 10%) and your subconscious mind (around 90%). You use your conscious mind to think, read and communicate in a ‘conscious’ thought-out manner. Your subconscious mind is responsible for your automatic habits, desires, storing memories and beliefs about yourself and the world around you. It also takes care of bodily functions such as your digestive system. Sirona hypnosis encourages your subconscious mind to act in a calmer and less sensitive manner.

About Jason Demant

Jason Demant is the creator of Sirona. It is Jason’s voice you will hear on the hypnosis audios. Jason has worked as a clinical hypnotherapist for ten years. He sees clients in London and also works as an online therapist.
Before moving into therapy work, Jason’s career was centred in teaching, mentoring and youth work. It was following working for a Samaritans style hotline for university students, that Jason found his real passion in therapy work. He enjoyed helping people, often in great emotional distress get back to a place of calm and balance.
Jason has volunteered and worked for three of London’s hospices. During this hospice work, Jason managed teams and provided informal counselling for patients and family members towards the end of life and informal bereavement support. Alongside seeing patients, Jason provided pastoral support for hospice staff, supporting them to gain resilience and avoid burn out.
Sirona is the results of many years of expertise in hypnotherapy and from real time work seeing clients with IBS at his busy practice in London.




About Jason Demant

Jason has over ten years experience seeing clients from all walks of life in London. Now also working as an online therapist, Jason is available to help you, no matter where you are located.


Jason has a background in teaching, mentoring and youth work. Jason volunteered and worked for three of London's hospices. During this hospice work, Jason managed teams providing informal counselling for patients and family members towards the end of life and informal bereavement support. As well as seeing patients himself, Jason provided pastoral support for hospice staff members, enabling them to gain resilience and avoid burn out.


Jason Demant is down-to-earth, easy to talk to, ensuring a very professional approach which includes common sense and a positive outlook. Jason is here to help you.


Diploma in clinical hypnotherapy, counselling and Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) from Life Matters Training College, based on Harley Street, London.

Fully insured and a validated practitioner of the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council and member of the General Hypnotherapy Register.

Practitioner certificate in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT).

Certified Life Coach and NLP practitioner with hundreds of hours of clinical experience.
Mindfulness practitioner and instructor.
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