Susan Moss

I have had two courses of hypnotherapy with Jason Demant to curb my emotional overeating. During the 6 months that I attended, several stressful and traumatic events happened in my life and I found that Jason worked to help me deal with this as well as addressing my eating when stressed.

I found Jason to be empathetic, conscientious and a very good listener. He tailored my treatment to meet my needs exactly and always sent me home with positivity. I now have an arsenal of techniques and new beliefs to combat the emotional eating. I lost 9 lbs in 3 weeks just by eating according to my appetite with no hard work on my part. I just do not feel hungry in between meals and have stopped drinking alcohol and eating junk without thinking about it!

I thoroughly recommend Jason Demant to anyone who has issues with their eating.
It is a quiet and peaceful approach to change leaving you with the tools to continue progress in the future.