Therapy Versus Hypnotherapy – Which is Most Effective?

As a therapist and hypnotherapist, I frequently get asked the dilemma ‘which is preferable – therapy or hypnotherapy’? There’s really no real straight answer to that question. Both have their advantages. And of course, all therapists and hypnotherapists work in their own distinctive way. But hopefully this article can provide a general idea.

Therapy versus hypnotherapy


Therapy is usually sought out by individuals who have something on their minds that they really need to talk about. The aim of therapy is to provide a safe, confidential space where you can discuss with your concerns a professional. With someone who is objective and not involved in the situation. A therapist can provide a listening ear and give a fresh viewpoint. Therapy is usually carried out over several weeks or longer in most instances.

Therapy can be utilised for a variety of concerns, including anxiety, stress, depression, low self-esteem, and anger. It could also be ideal for when you are experiencing challenging life events such as bereavement or relationship troubles.

Therapy provides you with the opportunity to:

  • Discuss your concerns within a safe, confidential setting
  • Take a look at your feelings with the assistance of a trained professional
  • Process any unwanted thoughts that are resulting in your emotional distress


Hypnotherapy is usually a more solution-focused technique. Individuals come with a particular problem that they would like to resolve as fast as possible. Hypnotherapy is often regarded as a novelty. As if it is something that is just used as a form of light-hearted entertainment, but in reality it provides many more functions.

Used in a therapeutic environment it’s a very powerful treatment and it can be used for a variety of concerns. Hypnotherapy helps a person gain access to parts of the mind that usually stay hidden throughout our waking daily life. By tapping into this, it can frequently speed the healing process up considerably.

People can be a little apprehensive about trying hypnotherapy for the first time. This might be because they assume it could be like hypnosis shows on television, where the hypnotist ‘takes control of a person’s mind’. In reality it’s completely different to that. With clients in London, I do my best to make certain each person feels completely in control at all times. Many people experience hypnotherapy as a deeply calming and pleasant process, in which they are able to sit back and relax while their mind takes in positive ideas and strategies.

As a therapy, hypnotherapy is usually a much shorter-term treatment than talking therapy. It is usually carried out in just a few sessions, or even a single session, in some cases.

Hypnotherapy can help with:

  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Addictions
  • Fears and phobias
  • Physical issues such as IBS or pain control

Therapy and hypnotherapy

A great many people who come to me for hypnotherapy sessions in London, wish to be able to discuss their problems. They also want to deal with them at the earliest opportunity. When therapy and hypnotherapy are blended together, I find they can create an extremely effective mixture.

Therapy provides that safe nurturing space in which a person can freely take a look at their feelings. Hypnotherapy helps by sidestepping the busyness of the conscious mind and in doing so, getting to the root of the concerns, all in a deeply soothing and calming way.

Now, as always, there are a few exceptions. Occasionally talking therapy is briefer and more solution-focused (e.g. CBT), and sometimes hypnotherapy can be carried out over a longer term (e.g. hypno-analysis). And, as mentioned previously, every therapist has their own personal way of working. My own approach of working often consists of a mixture of different therapies, including NLP, coaching, and CBT, as well as therapy and hypnotherapy. I personalise my style to each client and make sure they get the most effective kind of help achievable.

If you’re currently trying to make a decision between therapy and hypnotherapy, don’t be reluctant to pick up the phone and speak to a few therapists to check out your options. Most therapists are happy to carry out a short telephone consultation free of cost. Then you can determine whether they’re the right ‘fit’ for you.

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