"Why settle for ‘survive’? Instead live more fully and ‘thrive’. Life coaching can provide the breathing space and tools to unleash your skills, confidence and potential.” 
Jason Demant, London Life Coach


Life Coaching and Executive Coaching in London

My way of coaching is...

Goal orientated 
Down to earth

I help people who want to navigate a change, get off the fence and start a project or are looking to gain business success. I help people regain balance and start feeling back in the driving seat again, at work or in personal life.


I really enjoy helping people gain focus, get clearer about what they want or navigate life’s uncertainties and challenges. I help clients gain access to confidence and inner resources they didn’t realise they had.

As a life coach in London, I have supported people reach their chosen goals for over ten years. Clients have included a former cabinet minister, a multinational division head, business owners, managers, people living with cancer or similar conditions, people looking for a new career or more meaning and purpose, music and entertainment industry professionals, teens and recently someone re-entering society following a prison sentence.


Some examples of benefits coaching can give:

  • Manage change and transitions

  • Get clearer on career or life direction and values

  • Plan and strategise business success

  • Manage teams or understand workplace conflicts better

  • Get through old excuses and delve deeper to what’s holding you back

  • Cut out any unhelpful or unproductive habits 

  • Navigate organisational structures and culture

  • Discover how to finish that project, manage goals and to-do lists better

  • Feel calmer and greater inner peace about simply being you 

  • Let go of worrying so much about what others think

  • Getting out of that rut which has slowed you down 

  • Tools for better stress or anxiety management

  • Nurture what you need for your emotional or spiritual wellbeing

  • Increase self-awareness and joy in life

  • Achieving a healthier and more balanced lifestyle

London Life coaching sessions may involve a number of approaches, including solution focused clinical hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), life coaching exercises, mindfulness based tools and aspects of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).


Clients benefit from a common sense approach and my experience gained from working for several organisations and leading teams. I have worked also as a teacher and professional mentor. I hold a postgraduate management qualification from the London School of Economics and Political Science (University of London).


Life coaching is a fresh way to reconsider how you approach home, work, your emotions and relationships. Sometimes I’m your biggest supporter and sometimes the challenge and kick in the ass, you need.


What’s your next step?

Get started right now by answering

this question:

Is there a part of your life in which you are not, at present, achieving the excellence that you need?

Now, fast forward to six months or one year from now and imagine how you would really like your life to be? Whatever your answer is, note that down. 

Your next step is to get in touch. I can support you to make those changes happen.

If you are looking for a life coach in London, look no further. I offer a free initial phone conversation, under no obligation. We will discuss how my life coaching sessions can help you move your life to how you truly want it to be.


London Hypnotherapist Jason Demant has appeared in the media, both in print and online:




Jane, Liverpool

After 6 sessions, I feel like I'm on a beautiful track heading in the direction I've always dreamed of but had challenges traversing. You helped me discern 'road blocks' and break them down while facilitating clearer vision for what I wish to achieve in my life.  Thank you for your remarkable skills, support, accessibility and guidance via our conversations and e-mails these weeks. You have been an incredible and effective coach and a supportive ally which has fuelled my inspiration and provided me with effective tools.  I highly recommend you and am happy to know of someone whom I can confidently refer others to, to help them along their journey. 


Michael, Croydon

Jason helped me tremendously to refocus and re-center myself. I feel much more confident that I will succeed because of his help. He instilled in me confidence that I will successfully earn a living from my profession… It appears that his words were prophetic because it's likely to happen exactly as we discussed.


Aaron, London

Jason really helped me put my goals and ambitions into perspective and gave me some extremely useful tools for putting the theory into practice. I'd recommend Jason's services to anyone who wants to make a positive change in their lives - be it big or small. Keep up the fantastic work!


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    Coaching Packages

    30 days
    of change 

    Foundation session plus four coaching sessions 
    One personalised hypnosis recording
    One mini booster call
    Unlimited email support between sessions

    Your investment: £1679

    60 days for creating lasting shifts

    Foundation session plus eight coaching sessions
    Two personalised hypnosis recordings
    Two mini booster calls
    Unlimited email support between sessions

    Your investment: £2000

    3 to 4 Months: 100 days of deep change

    Foundation session plus 12 coaching sessions
    Three personalised hypnosis recordings
    Three mini booster calls
    Unlimited email support between sessions

    Your investment: £3280

    6 to 7 Months for Lasting life design

    Foundation session plus 20 coaching sessions
    Five personalised hypnosis recordings
    Five mini booster calls
    Unlimited email support between sessions

    Your investment: £4900

    The 'small print'

    • All packages kick off with an initial foundation session. During this session, we get clear on the goals you are working towards. We make a clear plan, strategy and timeline. We look at potential challenges or barriers. Frequently the session includes some hypnotherapy work to boost motivation or reduce limiting thoughts or beliefs. This session is normally face to face. In some circumstances, it may be held via Skype. All other sessions are either in person or via Skype.

    • Your foundation session is two hours in length. Remaining sessions are 50 minutes in duration. Package sessions do not have to be weekly. This allows you to spread sessions over a longer period of time. All packages include one or more hypnosis recordings. These I make especially for you personally, and recordings aim to help with your unique goals or challenges. Sessions also include short home assignments. 

    • Packages include also one or more mini booster calls. These 15 minute calls are for your use before an audition, job interview, date, business presentation or anytime you require extra coaching support. Additional hypnosis recordings and mini boosters are available for purchase. Unlimited email support is available between sessions to keep you motivated. 




    12 years - Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, CBT and Mindfulness based cognitive therapist.


    Addictions and habits, anxiety, phobias, managing change and workplace conflict.


    Sessions last 90 minutes and cost £250.

    There is a reduction for booking three, four or six sessions. A block of three or four sessions is £675 or £900 respectively. Six sessions is £1200.


    Validated practitioner of the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council. Member of the General Hypnotherapy Register and the UK Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC)


    How does Deep Dive Therapy Work?

    Life coaching is purchased in packages. This is because change takes place over time and packages help to make it more cost effective. If you book a package and wish to stop after a few sessions, you are not locked in. 

    However since booking a block gives a discount, you will lose that discount rate and any other benefits, when you cancel your package. The fee for sessions you have had will now revert to the fee charged for a shorter package. For example if you purchased a two month package at a fee of rate of £1000. If, after your foundation session and two sessions, you wished to cancel, you would be charged the regular session fee for those two sessions, which is £120 each. Foundation sessions are £200 for all packages. Your refund will be £1000 minus £240 for two regular priced sessions. 

    Coaching sessions are normally face to face, but can also be over the phone or online via Skype, should this be more convenient for you. 

    I am always happy to talk briefly by phone before you book a coaching package. Once you have signed up, the coaching relationship begins with an initial assessment questionnaire. Importantly, this will ask you, towards which goal or goals you wish to work during our sessions. 

    Coaching is an active process and you will also be given short and useful activities to carry out between sessions. These activities or exercises are as important as the regular face to face sessions. Before starting any coaching it is therefore very important to consider whether you are really prepared to spend about thirty minutes between sessions to further your wellbeing. If the answer to this question is no, then coaching may not be for you. 

    Coaching is always goal directed and about giving you effective tools to reach your chosen goals. The role of a coach is not to sit and simply listen and nod, but ask questions that help you see beyond what you thought possible and understand and remove barriers to success. Unlike most therapy models, coaching only looks at your past to the degree it will be immediately helpful for the attainment of your chosen goals in the present. Coaching isn’t about looking at childhood patterns but present and future patterns.

    Coaching is also about increasing your self esteem and confidence skill sets. This is achieved in a structured way using frameworks to bring out your resources and strengths. Be prepared, as you may see undiscovered or forgotten positive aspects of yourself. 

    As a coach I will never give advice, tell you what to do or what to decide. Your decisions are your responsibility. You are the person best placed to know what you really need. You will identify your options and move towards your goals. I will encourage and support you on your journey. However the fun work of change is for you to do. 

    You may ask why someone needs a coach. Surely most people do just fine without one? 

    I totally agree with you. You probably don’t need a coach. That is unless you want to achieve excellence. Ask yourself who would want to be successful and happy when they can opt for an easy, boring life of mediocrity?

    Look at footballers, athletes or indeed anyone who wishes to excel in business or in their relationships. They all seek the guidance of an expert. They all have a team or circle of people who support them in different ways to get to where they want to be. 

    A coach is a personal development expert, who will give you that edge, so aspects of your life can run a little better. Who wouldn’t benefit from some assistance to achieve greater wellbeing and get more out of life? 

    I understand the hesitation. However, imagine if your future self, from six month’s time, could travel back and talk to you. You would fully see and hear the life changing results coaching gives people and could give to you.  

    Let’s consider some of those things we buy to help us feel better or happier. People will spend hundreds of pounds on expensive holidays that only last a few weeks at most. We buy pricey cars that depreciate in value. We might go on spur-of-the-moment shopping trips buying gadgets, clothes or shoes, we hardly need. We spend money on expensive meals and alcohol. Did any of those make you truly happy in a real way? 

    Coaching aims to help you make lasting shifts in important areas of life. Coaching helps move your life to where you want it to be. We look at the underlying issues that are holding back happiness or success. 

    Investing in coaching can feel a brave move. Yes, it’s easier to spend money on clothes or material possessions. Imagine instead feeling proud that you’re beginning to proactively look after your wellbeing and take an active role in your future. That’s an investment with true lasting value.

    Many clients find that between one and four Deep Dive therapy sessions are sufficient to make some wonderful changes. We get to the underlying issues quickly and set you on a positive course. However, life coaching is about longer term support over a few months. Coaching is ideal for someone navigating ongoing work projects and relationships, wishing to create change, or perhaps get used to new life circumstances.

    In other words, life coaching or executive coaching helps you succeed in challenging changing or ongoing situations. So, for example a person suffering from high anxiety may have just a few sessions. However, someone going through divorce or navigating running a new business may need more ongoing support.


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