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In just seven days time, experience freedom from cigarettes and nicotine... with no stress, no weight gain.

One time fee- was £69 now just £29

Quit Smoking Hypnosis

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Here's a simple fact: Quitting smoking doesn't need to be hard or feel like a battle.

Hi, I'm Jason Demant,


I’ve developed a very powerful and cutting edge 7Step stop smoking MP3 download hypnosis program.


It includes tools I use every day at my London hypnotherapy clinic.


I’ve combined my best coaching, NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) and hypnosis tools... Download it right now. Today.



Why is this expert, structured program different?


=Over seven days receive expert quit smoking tools and exercises


=Two expert hypnosis recordings (over 70 minutes combined listening time).


=Gain from my expertise drawn from over a decade helping people quit smoking in London.


=FREE bonus hypnosis recording on day eight!


Feel liberated from nicotine and cigarettes. Stress free, craving busting freedom from nicotine. With no long-term weight gain either.



No more slavery to disgusting cigarettes


Many quit smoking programs promise to get you quit in an hour, today, right now. Yes, I could have created that. This program, with its expert exercises and guidebook, will ensure you actually stay quit, long term. Isn't that what you really want?

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Sam, Hong Kong

I honestly have to say that I am very surprised by the benefits of this hypnotherapy treatment. I feel very calm and when the memory of the cigarette comes to me, I can control it very easily, with all the tips that Jason gives here.


Pamela, Luton, UK

Changing negative habits for positive ones is really the key. The meditation exercises were great. Rarely do you find somebody who takes you by the hand and shows you a way out. My breathing capacity has increased and ... of course, the skin looks much better without a veil of smoke and depriving the cells of oxygen


Maria, London, UK

What you did for me, for (quitting) cigarettes was amazing.


Emma, Boston, USA

I found the NLP visualizations excellent.


London Hypnotherapist Jason Demant has appeared in the media, both in print and online:

Feel liberated from nicotine and cigarettes

Powerful Hypnosis
No Weight Gain
Plan Your Success
De-stress Without Smoking

Quit Smoking MP3 Download

Expert, structured MP3 download program

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Day One

✓ Expert tools and tips daily for seven days
✓ Powerful hypnosis downloads on days two and six

✓ Free bonus hypnosis audio on day eight



✓ Day one, you will read the introduction to your guidebook.
✓ Get ready for a smoke-free future!

Expert professional quality and powerful hypnosis

✓ Advanced, safe hypnosis which I use with clients at my London hypnotherapy office
✓ Download and re-listen. Lifetime access

✓ Hypnosis to reduce cravings, increase motivation for a smoke-free future

✓ Day two you will listen to your first hypnosis recording.

✓ Try the helpful exercises to prepare for smoking 'trigger' situations. Keep a note of smoking in your diary

✓ Feel your motivation increasing

Discover new way to deal with stress

✓ You can and WILL cope without smoking. Feel happier and freer.
✓ Look at why you smoke. To relax, after a meal, socialize or when you feel down or bored?

✓ Create stratergies to ensure success.



✓ Days Three, four and five are about planning and getting ready to say a final goodbye to nicotine for good!

✓ Plan for stress or fears about replacing nicotine with food or any other fears.

Structured quitting ensures success longterm

✓ Discover new ways to cope with stress and life challenges.

✓ Carry out the helpful exercises to prepare for stresses and smoking 'trigger' situations.

✓ Day six - Your 'quit' audio. This hypnosis audio will ensure you step forward to a smoke-free life.

✓ Day seven is about emergency planning and any remaining fears or concenrs about quitting

✓ Enjoy a FREE bonus recording on day eight!

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One time fee- was £69 now just £29


How does 7Step Quit Smoking Work?

This program includes two powerful hypnosis audios and a free stress busting audio. The program is for seven days. Each day you follow the exercises and listen to audios. Other programs do not look at your fears about quitting, do not help you plan and implement strategies for when you would usually quit. This program gives you tried and tested tools for anxiety and stress. You gain from my many years of expertise helping people quit. I share with you expertise I usually only share with clients at my London office. All yours for a fraction of the cost. Download all content and keep forever.

During your audios, you will be asked to close your eyes. You will then be guided into a deeper feeling of relaxation, similar to daydreaming or focused concentration. Often by using specific visualisations or by speaking directly to you, hypnosis is a gentle process which communicates more directly with your imagination and subconscious mind, bringing change at a deeper level.

During hypnotherapy, you will be in complete control and hear what is being said. You will be able to speak and open your eyes at any time should you need to do so, for example should you hear a smoke alarm or similar. Hypnotherapy is a safe and an enjoyable experience and you will leave sessions feeling relaxed and positive.

Hypnosis is not advised for people living with a mental health condition that includes hallucinations or psychosis. If you have any questions about your suitability for hypnosis, consult a qualified medical professional.

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Once purchased you will receive instructions on how to login to this site with a username and password. You will then be able to access the program. You can view content and listen to downloads directly from the site or you can download so you can listen later.

Your recording contains relaxing hypnotherapy and so must not be listened to whilst driving or doing anything which requires concentration. It is recommended to cut out distractions, so turn your phone off and find somewhere comfortable to sit or lie down.

It may be preferable to sit in a comfortable chair rather than lie down, especially if you are concerned about falling asleep. It is often good to listen when you are alert and awake, so avoid listening when tired. Though you do not need headphones, these are recommended to help block out noise and make for a better listening experience.

Our hypnosis downloads are standard MP3 files and so can be played on any MP3 player. Most computers have some type of media player for MP3 files, such as the Windows Media Player. Modern smartphones, whether the operating system is Apple or android, and tablets also usually have an internal MP3 players.

Quitting smoking does have some challenges. This program looks in-depth at your fears and concerns about quitting. You will make a plan for your 'trigger' situations - those situations you used to want to smoke.

Many quit smoking programs promise to get you quit in an hour, today, right now. Yes, I could have created that. This program, with its expert exercises and guidebook, will ensure you actually stay quit, long term. Isn't that what you really want?

You weren't born needing to smoke - you do not need smoking in your life. At some point you began to believe nicotine's big lie - that you need to smoke to cope with stress, feel confident or deal with life's ups and downs. That simply isn't true. It's a lie.

This program will help you see that you can and WILL cope without smoking. In fact you will feel happier and freer.

On Day one you will read the introduction to your guidebook. Day two you will listen to your first hypnosis recording. During the following days you will do short exercises to prepare for your 'trigger' situations, consider weight gain, stress, habits and any other concerns you have about quitting. Day six is your second motivating ‘quit’ hypnosis audio. This audio will ensure you step forward to a smoke-free life. Enjoy better health, confidence and smell great too! Enjoy a FREE bonus recording on day eight! If you put in the work you truly will have all you need to quit! Get excited for your smoke-free future!

It's simply a myth that a stick of addictive tobacco rolled up in paper creates true relaxation! If really true, wouldn't experts recommend smoking as a way to relax? No relaxation expert does - and that's because smoking never truly relaxes you.

As soon as you finish a cigarette, your nicotine cravings begin. After a while this feels stressful. Your next cigarette simply removes that 'cigarette created' stress. In other words, cigarettes create their own stress. They then trick you into thinking they relieve stress, which, in fact, they helped to  create.

You will love the fantastic, in-depth tips found in this expert program (Days four, five and seven in particular). You will consider other ways to unwind and truly relax. Feel confident, calm and find real 'me time' for yourself.

Are you concerned that you will swap food for smoking and gain weight?

This program will help you look at why you smoke. You will look at how you 'use' cigarettes to relax, after a meal, socialize or when you feel down or bored. You will consider new, positive and healthy ways to deal with stress or boredom, without comfort eating. Discover tried and tested tools and coping mechanisms. The powerful and safe hypnosis will help you stop smoking without swapping nicotine for another habit.

Download 7Step now and feel free of nicotine without wanting to comfort eat instead. You will find new and enjoyable ways to feel healthy, beginning a fresh chapter of putting your health and wellbeing as your number one priority.

This stop smoking hypnosis program is designed to help all types of smokers. Take a look at the exercises and then listen to the recordings. If you are motivated, you will quit smoking easily, no matter how long or how much you smoke.


You may be asking, but what if I fail? This is a very common fear. Most smokers have tried quitting using willpower, cold turkey or ineffective methods. You need to look at why you smoke or address your fears about quitting. On 7Step you look at and find solutions to these fears and concerns. We take you step by step.. You also have the audios and content forever, so you can always go back for a top-up.

Remember that smoking is both a physical addiction to nicotine but also has habitual associations (you always habitually smoke after a meal, after leaving work etc.). There are also psychological aspects too. For example believing smoking helps you with stress, feel confident, socialize and so on. This quit smoking download program gives you the opportunity to look at your smoking habit from all angles.

I have such a high success rate with my London clients because I understand your smoking habit needs an individual approach. Many other methods only look at one aspect of your addiction. They make false promises or use outdated methods. On 7Step you look at your habit as a whole

I have struggled over the pros and cons of offering a money back guarantee or offering you a free trial period.

I have poured my heart and many years of experience into this 7Step program. You are getting the expert program my paying clients in London receive but at a fraction of the cost. It's a great deal. Plus a FREE bonus hypnosis recording on day eight.

When you buy a product knowing you can take it back, this can mean you don't fully commit (in your heart) to that purchase. Since you know you can always ask for a refund.

Invest today, not just your hard earned money, but also your heart and commitment. Really make a decision and FULLY commit to quitting (and that's even if it gets hard). Don't give yourself an 'out' or a 'plan B'.

Jump in! Trust me you won't look back. Bring your excitement and commitment. Start a new chapter of clean lungs, fresh breath and feeling that freedom from nicotine! Don't look back - behind you is only (smoking's illusions and) increased poor health, wasted money and slavery to an addiction you don't need in your life anymore. Let's do this together. Download 7Step today.