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You are fed up with hangovers or needing to drink too much. Would you love to cut down alcohol consumption or binge drinking?

This 28 minute hypnosis audio will support you to change your relationship with alcohol. I frequently help people wishing to give up alcohol completely. I also help people who don’t want to stop drinking totally but do want to stop binge drinking. Through the power of hypnosis stop drinking so much, gain extra energy and feel more in control.

Do you feel that you drink too much? One drink leads to … well, too many?

Maybe you would like to stop at one or two glasses of wine but still able to go out and socialise with your drinking more under control.

This hypnosis recording is ideal for you if you would love to:
• cut out drinking completely
• carry on drinking but reduce how much you drink
• feel more in control around alcohol
• reduce hangovers

I would like to help you create a different relationship with alcohol. Rather than feeling you have to binge drink or drink too much. This alcohol hypnosis download will encourage more healthy behaviours around alcohol. Listen to this a number of times to help the powerful hypnosis messages sink in and change your drinking habits.


Using powerful hypnosis suggestions, this hypnosis download can support you to reduce alcohol consumption and binge drinking. Through the power of hypnosis stop drinking regularly and to extremes.

This 28 minute powerful hypnosis download aims to help you:
• Get excited about a life which doesn’t feel controlled by a desire to drink alcohol
• Feel able to socialise and not binge drink
• Rely less on alcohol to relax and unwind
• Create a new more positive relationship with alcohol

Often in late teens and twenties people will drink to excess. However, over time this habit no longer serves you. A fun night out can result in a hangover, maybe showing up late for work or even missing work on Mondays (or other days) completely. Alcohol can increase obesity and feelings of anxiety or depression. Overconsumption of alcohol can lead to physical health concerns. Drinking too much can result in blackouts.

Is it time to let go of that old drinking pattern and upgrade to cutting it out completely or seeing alcohol more as an optional extra when socialising or wishing to relax?

Through hypnosis stop drinking to excess and feel more in control and confident in daily life.

Do not listen to this audio when driving or doing anything that requires attention. Ideally listen with headphones. Ensure your phone is on silent and you are somewhere you can fully relax, either lying down or sitting in a conformable chair.

If you do drink to excess, you may benefit from a few one to one sessions with Jason Demant.

Jason is offering all purchasers of this audio download a 15% reduction. Pay for two hypnotherapy sessions at a reduction of 15%. Sessions are online or in person in King’s Cross, London. Proof of purchase required. One offer per person.

As with all our recordings, hypnosis may not be suitable for you if you have certain mental health conditions, in particular if you ever experience hallucinations. Please ensure you consult your doctor if you are in any doubt.

What is Hypnosis?

Our minds are much more powerful than we often realise. Your mind has two parts, your conscious mind (around 10%) and your subconscious mind (around 90%). You use your conscious mind to think, read and communicate in a ‘conscious’ thought-out manner. Your subconscious mind is responsible for your automatic habits, desires, storing memories and beliefs about yourself and the world around you.

Hypnotherapy works primarily with your subconscious mind. We use our subconscious mind a great deal more than we often realise. This means that it is vital to ensure your subconscious is working at its optimum level, so you feel happy and confident. It is important that your subconscious is focusing on the positives about your life and not stuck dwelling on negative thoughts such as past failures, regrets or fears about the future.

Whenever we come across any information, people or experiences, our subconscious is always the first part of our mind to respond to whatever is happening. Just think about something that might occasionally worry you. For some it’s a spider, for others it’s confronting colleagues or having to speak in public. That feeling of nervousness which you began to experience wasn’t produced by your conscious mind but rather by your subconscious mind. Somewhere your subconscious ‘made up its mind’, as it were, about who you are and how you will do in that situation.

Hypnotherapy is simply a way of relaxing you and speaking more directly to your subconscious mind. This means change can be quicker.

Are hypnosis and hypnotherapy the same?

In practice these really refer to the same process. However technically speaking hypnosis is a calming and relaxed state in between being awake and asleep. You in fact go into a ‘hypnotic trance’ often, for example when you are daydreaming or in focused concentration. Hypnotherapy is about the visualisations and words used by a hypnotherapist to bring about positive change. So, hypnosis is the relaxed state and hypnotherapy is the ‘change work’ carried out once in that relaxed state.

Is Hypnosis safe?

During your audios, you will be asked to close your eyes. You will then be guided into a deeper feeling of relaxation, similar to daydreaming or focused concentration. Often by using specific visualisations or by speaking directly to you, hypnosis is a gentle process which communicates more directly with your imagination and subconscious mind, bringing change at a deeper level.

During hypnotherapy, you will be in complete control and hear what is being said. You will be able to speak and open your eyes at any time should you need to do so, for example should you hear a smoke alarm or similar. Hypnotherapy is a safe and an enjoyable experience and you will leave sessions feeling relaxed and positive.

Hypnosis is not advised for people living with a mental health condition that includes hallucinations or psychosis. If you have any questions about your suitability for hypnosis, consult a qualified medical professional.

What makes your hypnosis audios different?

Many hypnosis downloads available online are quickly put together or produced by people with limited professional experience. When I make a recording, I firstly get into the mindset of the potential listener. I think about their goals and the help they truly want. In this way I use my hundreds of hours of real-life hypnotherapy experience to guide my intuition, so that my recordings are truly helpful.

Of course, face to face sessions, in contrast, are very different. That real life contact allows for more tailor-made hypnotherapy, as we are able to dig deeper into issues. However, all my recordings available for purchase here are made with exacting care and use hypnosis visualisations and suggestions very similar to those I use with paying clients at my London practice.

How to make hypnosis work for you

You may have become fed up with trying everything to help you, yet nothing seems to really work well enough. Isn’t it time for a change?

If you have a strong motivation to make a change, then channel that positive motivation into wanting your hypnosis session to be effective and transformational. Also give yourself permission to relax and just let go and allow hypnosis to help you. Change is a process and takes time. You may find that one listen is helpful but listening a few more times will be even more helpful.

Also allow this purchase to begin for you something new. Creating better habits and increased wellbeing happens not just from listening to hypnosis but also from a decision to start doing things differently in your daily life. Start today to make positive changes. These positive changes will increase wellbeing and increasing wellbeing will increase the chances of positive change.

Relax into listening and get motivated to make changes also when the audio comes to an end. What can you do today to make positive changes happen for you?

How will I receive my purchased audio?

After your purchase, you will receive an email with a link to download your audio files. So, keep an eye on your inbox and ensure you also check other email folders, such as junk or spam. Ensure you add Jason Demant to your contact list to make sure you don’t miss important information about your product. Audio access details will be sent within five minutes; however, it can occasionally take up to 20 minutes in very rare cases. Please be in touch with your order number and all other details, if you have not received your product in a timely manner.

Can I listen more than once?

You do not necessarily need to listen to our recordings every day. However, for many issues, particularly those that may need more time to overcome, repeated listening is beneficial. Frequent listening means that hypnosis suggestions within a session are more likely to be accepted by your subconscious mind, this means you are more likely to benefit from their use.

Where and when should I listen?

Your recording contains relaxing hypnotherapy and so must not be listened to whilst driving or doing anything which requires concentration. It is recommended to cut out distractions, so turn your phone off and find somewhere comfortable to sit or lie down.

Unless you have purchased a hypnosis audio for better sleep, it may be preferable to sit in a comfortable chair rather than lie down, especially if you are concerned about falling asleep. It is often good to listen when you are alert and awake, so avoid listening when tired. Though you do not need headphones, these are recommended to help block out noise and make for a better listening experience.

Does it matter if I fall asleep during a recording?

It is generally preferable not to fall asleep when listening. Hypnosis is so relaxing that it can be a natural bridge into sleep, so sometimes people do drift off to sleep. Many people like to listen in bed, but we normally associate our beds with sleeping. So, if you find that you frequently fall asleep, it is recommended to try a different location or position, such as sitting in a comfortable chair or recliner instead. However, do not worry too much if you fall asleep when listening to our hypnosis sessions. Since the subconscious mind never sleeps, you should simply keep using the audio for full positive benefit.

Do I need a special app or software to play the MP3 downloads?

Our hypnosis downloads are standard MP3 files and so can be played on any MP3 player. Most computers have some type of media player for MP3 files, such as the Windows Media Player. Modern smartphones, whether the operating system is Apple or android, and tablets also tend to have internal MP3 players.

You will receive an email with a link to download your audio files and you should be able to listen on your phone or on a tablet.

Do you make custom recordings?

We do make custom recordings and very happy to discuss your requirements. Please contact us if you are interested and let us know what you require.


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About Jason Demant

Jason has over ten years experience seeing clients from all walks of life in London. Now also working as an online therapist, Jason is available to help you, no matter where you are located.


Jason has a background in teaching, mentoring and youth work. Jason volunteered and worked for three of London's hospices. During this hospice work, Jason managed teams providing informal counselling for patients and family members towards the end of life and informal bereavement support. As well as seeing patients himself, Jason provided pastoral support for hospice staff members, enabling them to gain resilience and avoid burn out.


Jason Demant is down-to-earth, easy to talk to, ensuring a very professional approach which includes common sense and a positive outlook. Jason is here to help you.


Diploma in clinical hypnotherapy, counselling and Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) from Life Matters Training College, based on Harley Street, London.

Fully insured and a validated practitioner of the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council and member of the General Hypnotherapy Register.

Practitioner certificate in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT).

Certified Life Coach and NLP practitioner with hundreds of hours of clinical experience.
Mindfulness practitioner and instructor.
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