How to Become a Life Coach –What I Wish I Had Known Before Becoming a Life Coach

How to Become a Life Coach

How to Become a Life Coach

Asking yourself what it’s like to be a life coach? This article is certainly for you. Perhaps you have forged ahead with anything, tried it, and then looked back and stated: “Wow, there is a whole lot I wish I had known!”


“Wow, I made plenty of blunders. Many!”

Being a now well-seasoned life coach I have gained quite a few life coach business lessons.

And here, in this article I’m going to talk about them, so that you can steer clear of my agony. Here are some tips on how to become a life coach. So go ahead and use what matches your needs, throw what doesn’t, and most importantly forge ahead on learning to be a life coach. Honestly, the world can use more people such as you, dedicated to helping others. For information about my life coaching sessions click here.

Life Coach Business Lesson #1: You will certainly be alright.

You will be fine.

If you are anxiously gnawing your nails or fidgeting in your chair whenever you consider becoming a life coach as your full-time work, and you can’t manage to make forward advancement because of FEARS and DOUBTS and maybe ENDING UP ON THE STREET, then I am right here to share with you that you will be alright.  Truly.

I don’t know if your life coaching small business will work out for you, that’s genuine. But I do know you are a thoughtful individual with aspirations, and therefore whether or not the worst occurs and you can’t follow coaching as a full-time career, or you don’t develop into a life coach eventually, you will still discover a method to support yourself and you will be alright.

Personally, I was scared when I became a coach, convinced that I would mostly probably be unsuccessful, which explains why I justified not doing anything and preferred staying in my reliable but unstimulating job for “just a little while longer.”

However when I sat down and dealt with my fears, I quickly worked out that I would be alright. I had alternatives, I most likely wasn’t going to end up homeless. Above all, I recognised would feel disappointed about not trying to achieve this thing that I enjoyed, and worry was not a good enough reason not to try to become a coach.

I only wish I had attempted to get it done a little earlier. And you folks, I love coaching. And I know you do as well.

Life Coach Business Lesson #2: Do less, but better (especially in marketing!).

I made every textbook blunder as a new coach. I rushed out with no distinct niche. I offered to be all things to everybody. Executive coaching? Absolutely sure! Cv assistance? Sure! Interview preparation? Yes! And I also tried to market in every way possible. Facebook? Yes. Linkedin? Yes. Speaking? Yes. Etc…

So, I was worn out, overwhelmed, and making no traction. And I was slowly becoming certain that I had got it all wrong.

Saying things to myself in the realm of: “WHY IS THIS NOT WORKING I’ve worked so hard to become a coach!” accompanied by “Is it all going to fail?” , convinced that THIS WAS THE END of my coaching business.

So here’s the hard-earned wisdom: It wasn’t until I focused, both my niche AND my marketing, that things got better and I started to get people to pay me good money to coach them. I did less, so I coached on a narrower topic and I marketed in fewer places, so I focused on speaking because I liked it), and suddenly things started to work so much better. I was able to identify where to spend my time in marketing because I was so focused on the kind of marketing I enjoyed.

Life Coach Business Lesson #3: Marketing is boring and tiring, but eventually it can be fun

A reason I personally hated marketing was because it is uncomfortable. Uncomfortable because you are putting yourself out in the world and also you would have to learn some new skills and this takes time and is also HARD.

Like most coaches, I tried to be on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram, running around like chickens chasing whatever shinny object, and then wonder why it failed or got low results.

When I sat down thought about what I enjoyed and then focused on that, it simply was so much better. There was a period when I hated Facebook, HATED IT. I like it now, but that took really many years. And you DO NOT need Facebook to build a business that will support you.

Life Coach Business Lesson #4: It’s almost never the right time, so just get on with it and do it now!

At some point, you just have to decide to become a life coach and you can’t wait for that ideal time. It simply won’t come along, you have to make it happen.

Starting a business is a bit like having children, there’s never a perfect time to have kids and there’s never a perfect time to go all-in on your life coaching business. You will always find a reason why you should wait. But ask whether that’s a good enough reason? Sometimes, yes, it is, for example if you need to pay for courses but have to work two fulltime jobs just to pay the bills. Should you quit your job tomorrow? NO! Of course not.

If you have the following in place, then maybe its time to make that career leap:

  • Solid training in life coaching
  • You have a solid plan (or marketing funnel) to get paying clients
  • You know your specialist areas or your niche
  • You have some savings or a plan to pay the bills for the first year or so

Answer yes to these? Then you are probably getting ready to lauch your new career. So, maybe really form a good plan about how to go about it.

Maybe ask yourself “Is this the life I want to lead ? Do I want to actually try to do something I love?” “Am I ready to take that risk and jump?”

The bottom line is that you will ALWAYS find a reason to wait. However, that’s why we have the saying “nothing ventured, nothing gained.” Don’t allow your fears to make all of your choices. Allow some space for your dreams to do that.

Life Coach Business Lesson #5: The sacrifices aren’t nearly as hard as you imagine.

You might have a well paying job and fear not having money. This is a real concern and is really important. From my experience, if you have a solid plan, then the sacrifices, in the end – won’t be such a big deal. Yes, you initially will not have extra money for nice holidays and expensive items, but you will be pursuing your dreams and living a more fulfilling life.

You will focus on work you love and the freedom to be able to do it the way you want. So if you are worried about the sacrifices you will have to make for your coaching business. And you will probably have to make some, let’s not lie about it, I’m here to tell you that when you live life more fulfilled on a daily basis, they will matter less.

Of course my life and my options are different than yours, and you may have other considerations to worry about. Even so, believe me that some of the stuff that you deem so important now, simply won’t be important when you do get to do work you love.